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Affordance 4: Recursive Feedback

Adaptive Learning

Interactive Learning Through Feedback

Recursive Feedback is a cornerstone of adaptive learning, advocating for a multi-faceted approach to feedback in educational settings. It's about creating an environment where feedback isn't just a one-way street from teacher to student but a dynamic, interactive process.

Key Aspects of Recursive Feedback:

  1. Diverse Sources of Feedback - Emphasizing the importance of receiving feedback not only from instructors but also from peers and external experts, contributing to a richer, more rounded educational experience.

  2. From Retrospective to Constitutive Feedback - Shifting the focus from traditional, end-of-course feedback to ongoing, forward-looking interactions that enhance learner confidence and engagement.

  3. The Role of Technology in Feedback - Utilizing digital platforms for discussion boards and peer reviews to foster inclusive and comprehensive participation.

This approach revolutionizes the traditional feedback mechanism, turning it into a tool for continuous improvement and deeper understanding.

For detailed insights and further exploration of these concepts, watch the videos below or visit

Why Feedback Matters

Summative Assessment vs. Formative Assessment

Crowdsourcing Prospective or Constitutive Assessment

Socratic Dialogue Finds a Home in the 21st Century

What are We Assessing Now?

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