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Affordance 3: Multimodal Meaning/Literacy

Adaptive Learning

Multimodal Learning: Beyond Traditional Boundaries

In the landscape of modern education, Multimodal Meaning/Literacy stands as a pillar of contemporary learning, emphasizing the integration of various modes of communication such as text, images, video, and audio. This approach fosters a complex level of epistemic performance, encouraging students to become adept in the multifaceted language of today's digital era.

Key Elements of Multimodal Learning:

  1. The Power of Combined Modes - Understanding how the integration of different mediums like writing, imagery, and audio can create more impactful and holistic learning experiences.

  2. Digital Technologies and New Literacies - Exploring how the digital revolution reshapes the way we communicate and represent knowledge.

  3. Multiliteracies and Synesthesia - Delving into the concept of multiliteracies, emphasizing the need for proficiency across diverse communication modes.

This approach prepares students for a knowledge society that values innovation, creativity, and problem-solving. It acknowledges the vital role of multimodal literacy in helping students adapt to and excel in a world where digital communication is key.

For further insights into how these concepts shape the future of education, watch the videos below or visit

What's New About Digital Technologies?

Multiliteracies and Synesthesia

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