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Affordance 5: Collaborative Intelligence

Adaptive Learning

Empowering Learning through Collaboration

Collaborative Intelligence is a transformative concept in adaptive learning, where the focus is on melding individual talents and insights to foster a rich, communal learning experience. It's about leveraging both external motivators, such as institutional rewards, and intrinsic motivators that arise from engaging, collaborative tasks.

Key Elements of Collaborative Intelligence:

  1. Social Learning Dynamics - Understanding how social interactions and collaborative efforts enhance the learning process.

  2. Balancing Motivation - Exploring the interplay between extrinsic rewards and intrinsic motivation in a collaborative setting.

  3. Feedback and Fun - Introducing enjoyable, interactive methods for feedback that stimulate engagement and motivation.

  4. Real-world Parallels - Assessing collaborative contributions that mirror real-world team dynamics and knowledge sharing.

This approach transforms learning into a shared journey, with each participant contributing to and benefiting from the collective intelligence of the group.

For more in-depth discussions and resources on these concepts, watch the videos below or visit

Social Learning

Collaborative Learning Dynamics

Extrinsic and Extrinsic Motivation

Success and Failure in Performance Based Assessments

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