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Audience Response Systems (ARS)

Allow Students to Interact Without Being Called On

or Raising Their Hands

What are Audience Response Systems (ARS)?
ARS are interactive tools that enable instructors to collect and analyze student responses in real-time. This technique brings a dynamic twist to lectures, fostering active participation.

Why Use ARS in Your Classroom?

  • Anonymity and Comfort: Allows students to share opinions on sensitive topics without the pressure of speaking in front of the class.

  • Engagement from the Start: Begin lectures with a thought-provoking question to gauge student opinions and misconceptions.

  • Enhanced Interaction: Facilitates student-to-student discussions, enhancing overall classroom dynamics.

  • Active Knowledge Exploration: Encourages students to discuss and reason among themselves, promoting a deeper understanding.

  • Ideal for Problem-Based Learning: Stimulate hypothesis formation and prediction-making at the beginning of activities.

Revolutionizing Think-Pair-Share (TPS) Activities:
ARS offers a stress-free alternative to the traditional "Share" part of TPS, making the learning environment more inclusive and comfortable for all students.


Choosing the Right ARS for Your Class: After extensive research and recommendations, Crowdpurr stands out for its user-friendliness and versatility. It offers multiple-choice polls, text-answer polls, and yes/no polls, ideal for creating an engaging classroom environment.

Learn Crowdpurr Polls in 5 Minutes

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